Featured Fundraiser: Ulrika Ellis

This week’s featured fundraiser is Ulrika Ellis. She has raised £355 so far in aid of The British Heart Foundation.

Ulrika was quite a lazy person, she was never a fan of exercise and especially not running, but one day this all changed. Ulrika’s friend Sara gave birth to her daughter, Lily and shortly after she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy.

Sara’s condition meant that she would have to stay for long periods of time in hospital. In addition to this she would have to attend regular shorter visits throughout the rest of her life. When Sara asked Ulrika if she would join her in running The Sheffield Half Marathon, Ulrika was pleased to agree. This condition was going to affect her friend for years to come, so taking part in this fundraising event was a way of saying thank you to the people that have made a difference to her life and will continue to help her.

Ulrika has found the training very tough, lonely and boring; she sometimes has had to train in horrible weather. She said she has often thought to herself “what have I done?!”

Despite the hard work, Ulrika has kept Sara in mind, which has given her the motivation and drive to push forward and carry on running. For her, the cause is really important and it needs a happy ending, not just for Sara but for lots of other people too.

Ulrika did really well at the event on 9th May and she has exceeded her target of £300 and raised a whopping total of £445.00 for The British Heart Foundation.

The team at Everyclick would like to congratulate Ulrika and Sara on completing the half marathon yesterday; it is a great achievement, and well done for raising so much money for this important cause.


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