Featured Fundraiser: Frank Moore and Coast to Coast

An idea born long ago and fleshed out and finalized on a jolly night in the local led to four intrepid fundraisers agreeing to walk from St. Bee’s Head to Robin Hood’s Bay, following the established Wainwright route. Like many a stunning plan hatched over a glass or six, the implications of the 192 miles of walking were slow to dawn, but the tremendous support from those friends who didn’t have to actually join in the walking, did not allow for any change of heart.

Consequently, Denise and Frank Moore and Jean and Dave Price set about an appropriate training regime, with Jean and Denise undertaking strenuous up-hill hikes whilst Frank and Dave thoughtfully discussed the most appropriate wet weather kit and whose round it was. The decision was taken that the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital would be the chosen charity following Frank’s recent excellent treatment, and a fundraising webpage was created.

With everything proceeding smoothly and the wet weather kit almost selected and Jean and Denise approaching full fitness, Denise decided that now was as good a time as any to throw herself to the floor and fracture her humerus, just below the shoulder. Too high up the arm to be set, a small sling was the extent of the medical help available, and all this with just days to go before the walk commenced.

It takes more than the odd broken bone to stop a good Blackpool lass and with Frank also from Blackpool and the Prices from Hartlepool, there was enough Northern grit to build a motorway.

The wet weather gear discussion proved fortuitous with less than balmy conditions predicted as the fab four set off on their trek on Friday the 13th. Through the worst weather that May has had to offer for many a year, our walkers clocked up the hard miles and the webpage clocked up the donations. Thoughts of giving up must have occurred to them from time to time but they never faltered and eventually dipped their toes in the North Sea 17 days later.

As of this moment they have raised a superb £635.20 with the promise of a good deal more to come, towards their target of £1,000 for the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital, who should be mightily pleased with their efforts. Well done all of you.


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