Together we’ve raised £2,000,000!

Late last night we passed a fantastic milestone – together, we have now raised over £2,000,000 for deserving causes.

It is because of our users that we’ve been able to raise so much for so many causes.

Our sincere thanks to everyone that has helped us to reach this goal by shopping online with Give as you Live and other Everyclick products.

£2,000,000 is a lot of money, but that is just the beginning! Over the coming months we plan to continue improving our technology including Give as you Live, helping to ensure our users can raise as much as possible.

However, to continue to improve we need your help. We would like you to tell us how you think we can improve Give as you Live. It is only with your feedback that we can continue to improve, raising millions more for deserving causes.

Send us your feedback and each week the person that posts the most useful feedback will win a weekend break away.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped us to raise more than £2,000,000 for UK causes – here’s to many more millions.


One Response to “Together we’ve raised £2,000,000!”

  1. Joanna Burkitt Says:

    I think you have managed to do an excellent job of raising over £2000,000.00 I think it is the best search engine ever. I always include it as a footer on my e mails and hopefully am making a bit of difference. I am a bit concerned that people are signing up to charities and then forgetting to use everyclick, as I sometimes have a look at my fav charities and some not increased money for a lot of months. I also wish I could buy advertising memorabilia to use off line so more people know as mentioning it in conversation does not work easy. But keep up the excellent work.

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