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A charitable Christmas for 2011? The future looks bleak


The Guardian voluntary sector network today features an article about how charities may need to branch out from traditional fundraising methods and look at how they need to revolutionise their revenue-sourcing to secure their future.

We know its a tough time for charities at the moment and we hope they can work with their supporters and take advantage of the new fundraising initiatives available and make sure they don’t fall short this Christmas. Please have a read


The ‘Giving Pledge’ – would it work in the UK?


Across the pond over in the US, philanthropy by the super wealthy has taken off thanks to a campaign called the ‘Giving Pledge’. It encourages the rich to give a substantial amount of their wealth to charity. So far the campaign has been a success with pledges of nearly $125bn set to be raised for good causes.

Would this campaign be as successful in the UK? Newspaper giant, The Guardian, asks: Who do you think should lead the pledge if it was brought to the UK?

The results are interesting, with the majority of people thinking either Richard Branson should back it, but many also saying that it simply wouldn’t work at all. Surprised by the results? We were! Does it imply that Britain is lacking a moral and social conscience? Or, as we suspect, does this reflect a lack of time or money to raise funds for charities?

We kept these restrictions in mind while we were developing Give as you Live™. The app empowers everyone to be a philanthropist, simply through their online shopping, but without donating their own money. At no extra cost, each user can raise an average of £75 per year.

So, If you want to give more to charity this year, but aren’t a billionaire yet, we suggest you Give as you Live™ instead.

Push your campaigns using your custom homepage



This month Sustrans have began their Change Your World campaign;

Right now in the UK two out of five local journeys are made by foot, bike and public transport. Sustrans wants to see this double to four out of five. You can help. Pledge to make a journey on foot, by bike or on public transport before 4 July. Then tell Government they must act too – to make the right decisions now and invest more in making it easier for everyone to travel in ways that are good for our health and the environment.

They decided to help push their campaign by updating their Everyclick homepage to reflect the message they want to get out there. Why not try the same with your charity? Everyclick allows complete customisation of the Charity homepage, including the wallpaper, logo and text.

Login to the Charity Administration System today and update your homepage.

Rule of thumb – aim for the following sizes;

  • Wallpaper dimensions – 1280px by 1024px
  • Logo dimensions – 320px by 240px

If your charity is not yet registered then you can Sign up now.

Promote your Charity with Everyclick


Its simple maths! The more you spread the word about your charity’s work on Everyclick, the more you will raise for your cause. Thinking of the right techniques can be challenging at times, so here are 3 great tried and tested methods to raise funds and awareness, that are completely free!

One example is currently being used by Friends of the Earth. They send out their e-newsletter including a clear section featuring their Everyclick fundraising, giving direct access to supporters who are not already taking part.

Another effective technique, currently used by Orangutan Appeal, is to share your charity’s URL on twitter and facebook. The world is currently social media crazy with over 475 million users between each of the giants. Sharing the URL to your supporters through facebook and twitter is free and allows users to view your Everyclick fundraising in their leisure time.

Finally, integrate an Everyclick search bar into your website, like The Fairhaven Garden Trust. The search bar is personalised to your charity so all searches made on your site will raise funds for your cause. You can access the code to embed into your site from the ‘Tools to help raise more’ section on your Everyclick charity information page. Installing the code is just a matter of copy and paste!

Lord Wandsworth School Foundation launches Everyclick campaign


Lord Wandsworth School have adopted Everyclick as their school-wide search engine to encourage staff, students, parents and governors to help raise money for the Foundation.

The Lord Wandsworth Foundation was created in 1912 on the death of Lord Wandsworth; he was a wealthy, unmarried man who left a large bequest to found an orphanage.

The mission of the Foundation is to help children who have lost the support of one or both parents through death, divorce or separation and require a caring and supportive educational environment in which to thrive.

6th Form Prefects launched the Everyclick fundraising initiative to the pupils and staff in assembly and the campaign is featured on the school website. Everyclick posters are also displayed around the school to remind students and staff that this is a great way to raise money by simply changing internet habits.

“In just one day the school raised over £20.00. The target is to raise £15,000 through using Everyclick this year and this will provide a great start to finding a better future for one child who has already experienced great hardship in life .” said Tony Eyesle, Foundation Director.

Find out how Everyclick can help your school or college fundraise.

Charities – customise your search page!


Did you know that you can customise the search page for your charity? You can add text, a logo and an image for the wallpaper, so that each time your supporters come to the page they can be reminded of why they are raising money for you.

First of all you need to register an administrator for your charity – search for your charity’s name in the ‘charity’ category in the Everyclick search box (change this via the drop down menu in the search box).

Then click on your charity’s name and go to their info page. If an administrator has not yet been registered, you can do so from here.

On your info page is a link to your charity’s search page – it will be the ‘URL’ in the light blue box at the top. This is the page you can customise.

Once your administrator is registered, sign in to the Everyclick admin system and edit your charity’s search page (you can edit your info page text and logo too).

For example The Woodland Trust remind their supporters of the beautiful British woodlands they are helping to protect:

The Woodland Trust Everyclick search page

Adding videos to your page couldn’t be easier


A new feature for Everyclick in 2010 is to be able to add YouTube videos to your fundraising page. Make your own videos to explain why you want to help your charity, or give a demonstration of what you are going to do to raise funds!

Upload your videos to YouTube and then add the EMBED code to the field in the ‘my page’ tab in your Everyclick account.

Here are some examples of fundraisers who have already added videos to their page:

Simon Pickles from the St Helens and Huyton branch of Domino’s Pizza explains why they are supporting Special Olympics Great Britain.

Alexander Trajanos has added two clips about Fair Trade goods to his fundraising page.

And Chris Mellor has added a short clip of what he likes to do to help fundraise for his charity, BucksVision!

For charity administrators, you can also upload a YouTube video in place of an image when you add a news item for your charity’s page.

Join Everyclick and add videos and your Twitter feed to your fundraising page too.

Two charities launch appeals


Save Our Squirrels, the British charity that is trying to save Northern English red squirrels from local extinction, will reach the end of their initial funding in June this year. Charlotte Widgery‘s fundraising page requests that supporters help raise more funding for the charity so they can continue their work through habitat management and public education to save this rare and beautiful native species.

The Darlington and District Voluntary Committee for the Deaf have launched an appeal to help set up a play room for deaf and hearing children attending their deaf club. They have an empty room but say it needs decorating and filling with play things. Please see Ian Johnston‘s fundraising page to help their appeal.

Join Everyclick so you can help your favourite charity as you use the web.

Everyclick fundraisers support their charities at Christmas


Everyclick fundraisers gave generously at Christmas to help support their favourite charitites through what can be a very busy time for many.

Everyclick charity Christmas e-cards proved even more popular this year than in 2008, and a large number were even sent on Christmas Day!

The charity Radicle received a wonderful Christmas present in the form of a £1000 donation from one generous supporter. This kind-hearted donation was boosted further by £280 in Gift Aid.

The Lucie Blackman Trust‘s Help Find Michael Dixon appeal was well supported over Christmas. Quite understandable at this time of the year as it touched many people’s hearts. You can find news of the appeal on their Facebook page.

Charities such as Zimkids, Friends of Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Sustrans and Kyu-Yo-Bu-Shin also received Christmas-time donations from loyal supporters.

We also think fundraisers have been very busy searching and doing their Christmas shopping online through Give as you Live, and helping all their chosen charities at the same time!

Flood recovery fund available from Cumbria Community Foundation


Cumbria has avoiding further flooding as recent rainfall has not fallen as heavily in the area as predicted.

People living and working in the area can begin the big clean up and return to their homes and businesses.

The Cumbria Community Foundation has set up a Flood Recovery Fund and has already received significant donations from Prince Charles and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. They paid their first cheque yesterday to Cockermouth residents.

You can support the Flood Recovery Fund via card donations or by choosing Cumbria Community Foundation as your charity as you shop and search the web.

The Cumbria Community Foundation have also set up a Facebook page for useful information.

Cumbria Community Foundation Facebook page

All registered charities in the area are available to support on, for example:

Cockermouth Relief In Need Charity
Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team
Cockermouth First Responders
Cockermouth Rotary Club Charitable Trust
Rotary Club of Keswick Trust Fund
Keswick Mountain Rescue Team
Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Animal Rescue Cumbria