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Finalists announced in 2012 everywoman in Technology Awards


We’re delighted to announce that our CEO, Polly Gowers has been nominated Innovator of the Year for the 2012 everywoman in Technology Awards.

The UK’s largest female business community, everywoman, has announced the 2012 finalists in the everywoman in Technology Awards, once again uncovering the UK’s most successful and talented women working within the technology sector. (more…)


Social enterprise: putting positivity into the business world


We’re all a little fed up of hearing the doom and gloom of government cuts and the closure of companies, so it’s very refreshing to read that social enterprises are ‘growing at twice the speed of other businesses’. A social enterprise is an organisation whose objectives are motivated by wanting to do good and it’s great to hear that businesses which have the potential to make a difference are the ones that are thriving.

With the current economic climate, people have been struggling to be as generous towards charities, whether this is with their time or money. But social enterprises allow people to go about their daily life AND do something good, without doing a whole lot extra. This is especially true with Everyclick, as through products like Give as you Live™, no change in behaviour is needed – simply do your normal shopping online and you can give to the charity of your choice.

We hope that social enterprises will continue to grow, so we can help the UK’s charities and causes when they need it most.

UK-Japanese Communities Raise Funds in Aid of Japan Disaster


On 11 March Japan was hit with an earthquake which caused widespread destruction across the country. Since then Japanese communities across the UK have been rallying around and raising money for those affected by the trauma in their homeland.

Two London-based Japanese students have started raising funds, the pair announced their campaign on Sky News and said proceeds will be distributed by a leading non-governmental organisation in Japan. Shuji Nezu and Ryuichiro Motoki, who are pupils at the London Business School, decided on the humanitarian action even though they are thousands of miles away.

“It’s shocking and devastating and although here in the UK we are safe and comfortable I wanted to do something for my country so I stated a fundraising campaign with my friends,” Mr Nezu said.

The London students’ action is now spreading across Britain as other Japanese students help raise funds. The students have raised a total of £18,119 so far.

Japanese people living in Nottingham are also doing their bit, they are planning a fund-raiser for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in their home country. Martial arts demonstrations and Japanese cooking are some of the activities set to take place at the event called Gambare Nippon, which translates as Go Japan. The fundraiser is being organised by Hitomikai, the Anglo Japanese Society in the East Midlands, which includes 55 Japanese families from Nottingham and the rest of the region.

Hitomikai secretary Kiyoko Naish from Wollaton, said: “We are appealing to Japanese people in the East Midlands to come forward and help with our fundraising.”

Thierry Bourret has friends and family in Japan and lived there for many years. He has set up a fundraising page on our website; Visit The Japanese Earthquake Appeal to make a donation.

This story represents just a small proportion of the effort being made to help Japan. The Everyclick team would like to wish all those fundraising for this cause the best of luck in raising as much money as possible. We are certain the funds will provide great relief for those affected.

Technology is the key to successful fundraising in the charity sector says Race Online 2012


Race Online 2012 is a fantastic initiative – it challenges everyone to make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web. Supported by the Government and led by digital entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, the initiative has already helped to get more than 1.7 million people online.

Most recently Race Online 2012 reported on the benefits of technology for the charity sector. In their ‘Survive & Thrive’ casebook they look at how a variety of charities are using technology to achieve fantastic results. Survive & Thrive acknowledges the demands placed on the third sector through current funding shortages, and illustrates how technology can enable charities to reach more supporters and crucially tap into an additional fundraising stream.

The Race Online 2012 casebook highlights that 58% of the UK population shops online, but only 7% of people give to charity online. This is where Give as you Live™ can make an impact. Through this online app, anyone who shops online can give to their favourite cause, without spending any more than they usually would. For Everyclick, technology is the enabler but it is what charities do with it that will make the real difference. We are supporting charities along that journey.

Online Shopping: The Power to do Good


In a report released in the Independent newspaper, online sales for January rose by 49%; the highest increase for nearly a year. Internet shopping now accounts for 20% of all retail activity in the UK. That means that for every £5 spent, £1 of that is spent online. This report tells us that not only is a large chunk of consumers spending now done online, but it is clearly a growing trend.

For businesses, this means there is enormous potential in this market to make money. However, Everyclick has also recognised the enormous potential in this trend to do good.

Everyclick has calculated that there is £1.25billion available in 2011 for the UK’s 200,000 charities through Give as you Live™. If online shopping continues to grow at this rapid rate, then a substantial amount of fundraising can be done through the internet using Everyclick’s technology and just think of the difference that Give as you Live™ could make if charities could take a slice of the £1 in every £5 spent in the UK.

Send Christmas eCards with


Every Christmas we love getting cards from family and friends with updates on the year, pictures of little ones and a personal note from friends around the world.

In fact, we love it so much our team wondered how on earth we could make sending Christmas cards even better.

We’d like to introduce you to Everygreeting. An online greeting card service that sends 100%* of the cost of your cards to your favourite cause.

Just visit and you can pick from over 50 card designs, select any registered cause, include messages, photos and even videos. You can send your friends and family more than just love this holiday season with Everygreeting. And you won’t have to lick all those stamps.

To find out more and to send your cards today, just visit

* For UK taxpayers, every pound spent on Everygreeting cards is worth £1.18 when Gift Aid is added. Everygreeting deducts 10% of the cost of each card from the Gift Aid received to cover our costs. This fee is more than recuperated by the total Gift Aid raised.

Everyclick mentioned on


On November 29th, international business news reporter CNBC released an article ‘Get Into the Holiday Giving Spirit – Online’, about the growth of online giving during the Christmas period.

Everyclick received a worthwhile mention;

“There are donation search engines that contribute to charities every time you click ‘search.’ and donate 50 percent of revenue to charities you choose.”

Source: CNBC

Donations Service Interruption


Over the past 24 hours, we have experienced some problems with our donation services. Users attempting to make a donation may have been told that their credit card details had been rejected. We would like to confirm that any user who received this can be assured that no funds have left their account and no donation has been made. The issue has now been fixed and we ask that any users affected by this problem kindly make their donation again.

We apologise to anyone affected by this problem and thank them for their patience in waiting for the problem to be fixed.

If users have any queries regarding this, please call our offices on +44 (0) 870 005 5050 or contact us via email.

Server upgrade complete!


Yesterday we upgraded our server and firewall infrastructure. We are now running on a powerful new set of load balanced web servers and database servers. This upgrade has provided us with a very strong platform on which to base our existing services and power our forthcoming next-generation Give as you Live fundraising tools.

Thank you for your patience during the upgrade.

Server upgrade planned


On the afternoon of Thursday 8th and possibly parts of Friday 9th of July we will be carrying out major upgrades to the servers and firewall that support the Everyclick website and Charity Admin systems.

This means that the Everyclick site, Charity Admin system and APIs will be unavailable for this period. We need to carry out this upgrade to allow us to handle the increasing traffic on the site and to support the exciting new developments that we have in the pipeline.

Our new web and database servers will provide us with more processing power, memory and robustness and will make it easier for us to scale up as needed in the future. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience during this time.