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DEC highlights importance of social networking for fundraising


DEC (the Disasters Emergency Committee) has highlighted the importance of social networking for raising revenue in response to world events.

The recent earthquake in Haiti saw DEC put out an appeal on Twitter and set up a donate-by-text service. Within 24 hours £8 million had been raised in Britain for recovery and aid work.

Brendan Gormley, DEC chief executive, said: “Social networking has proven itself as a valuable addition to the fundraising machine. Im thrilled that we have been able to quickly communicate and engage with the UK public.”

The DEC also reported that its YouTube video appeal has been watched by almost 3,000 people so far, with 30,000 more logging onto the DECs Flickr page to see images uploaded by the organisation, the Daily Telegraph reported.

See a list of UK charities involved in providing relief and aid to Haiti following the devastating earthquake last week.


Earthquake disaster relief for Haiti


A devastating earthquake struck close to Port-au-Prince in Haiti at nearly 2200 hours last night (GMT, Tuesday 12th January), measuring 7.0 magnitude. It was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 in magnitude.

Presidential palace, Haiti, following earthquake

People at the scene estimate the number of dead could be in the thousands. Many buildings were destroyed, including the headquarters of the UN mission and the presidential palace. A “large number” of UN personnel were reported missing by the organisation.

The US is sending cutting equipment and a disaster response team. Venezuela says it will send a 50-strong “humanitarian assistance team”. The UK, Canada, Australia, France and a number of Latin American nations have also said they are mobilising their aid response.*

Some charities have responded quickly. Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), the Red Cross, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, UNICEF, Care International and World Vision in the UK have already set up relief funds and are mobilising aid.

You can donate to the charities, raise money for free by searching the web, going shopping or buying on eBay through Everyclick, or join Everyclick and set up your own fundraising page to collect sponsorship online. Use the links above or search for your chosen charity on the site.

List of UK charities

*Source: BBC news